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This Ria economy pack has been designed specifically for new parents who want to try Groomy products. Users can save more money by purchasing 3 mini products in one pack. Feel free to try the Salmon Floss, Organic Mixed Veggies Powder, and Chicken Powder. Expires in 2 years except for Salmon Floss in 1 year.


This Product

(1 serving = 2g (1/2 small spoon)):-

Safe For Baby


No Preservatives

No Sugar & Salt

No Coloring

Adds Aroma & Flavor



Salmon Floss (15g)

Organic Mixed Veggies Powder (15g)

Chicken Powder (25g).


Preparation Method :

1. Sprinkle into ready-cooked food or
2. Added to food that is being cooked for example Pasta, Porridge
3. Stir-fried in oil with onions or other ingredients and mixed into plain porridge to enhance the aroma and add to the baby's appetite.


Storage Instruction:-

Keep in a cool and dry place.


Halal - MeSTI - Organik!

Nikmati Detik Berharga!💜🧡

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