Cheese Powder

Cheese Powder is rich in calcium that helps to develop dental and bones strength with protein that are needed for the growth of body. 80g, expires in 1 year.
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Cheese Powder is formulated for babies 8+ months. It's made with Halal and high-quality cheddar cheese block.


It adds flavor and fat to food and is a good source of calcium for babies. Cheese is easier for parents to introduce to their babies because it has a fine texture and melts in food. It also contains nutrients such as Vitamin D.


This Product

(Serving Per Pack = 40):-


No Added Sugar

No Added Salt

No Preservatives

No Coloring



Cheddar Cheese Block (Suitable For Babies)


Preparation Method:-

  1. Sprinkle onto ready-cooked food
  2. Add it in while preparing your meals. Example: Pasta, porridge, etc.


Storage Instruction:-

Keep in a cool and dry place.


Halal - MeSTI - Organik!

Nikmati Detik Berharga!💜🧡

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